• Get Strategic With Your Software Development Career
    I gave the welcome address at the Google I/O Extended Abuja 22 event on the 2nd of July, 2022.
  • How to Use the Backend for Frontend (BFF) Pattern in Your Mobile Application Architecture
    This article is a summary of my presentation at the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London. Maintaining an API gateway these days generally involves handling different types of user facing apps such as a web, mobile (of different platforms) and IOT devices. The Backend for Frontend (BFF) pattern specifically addresses this aspect of software solutions.
  • O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2016
    I was in New York on the 12th of April to deliver a talk at the O’Reilly software architecture conference on how my team and I built a report-casting mobile app for the 2015 Nigeria elections.On the surface, the talk was just about how we, as a team, built two mobile apps with a shared … Read more
  • How we built an election report-casting app!
    We had always wanted to build something relevant for elections in Nigeria and we had a lot of talk around this subject in 2011 when the last general elections in Nigeria were held but never did anything more than just talk about it. So when the 2015 elections were around the corner again, the talk … Read more