Bulama Yusuf

My name is Bulama Yusuf and I am the CEO/founder of Facility OS and Intellectual Apps. Facility OS focuses on building SaaS products that help facilities manage their operations better, while Intellectual Apps focuses on building mobile apps and enterprise applications.

My passion for tech and building solutions got me to where I am today and the learning journey continues. As a software developer at heart, I currently lead the Google Developers Group (gdgabuja) in Abuja, Nigeria. I also speak on tech at local and international conferences. Check my LinkedIn profile.

I love figuring out how things work and building solutions. The world around me inspires me. I write on my blog once in a while and you can find me on Twitter

My interests in software cut across technical and people-related topics. I have led quite a number of software development teams and I have come to realize that the success of any team working on a product or project depends on a mix of technical and people management issues. These are the issues I write about here on my blog.

In 2011 I became a Sub-Sahara Africa semi-finalist at the Android Developer Challenge Competition organized by Google. Around the same time, I won a similar competition organized by Samsung. I have spoken on software architecture-related topics at international conferences in New York and London. Showing people the way to develop an enjoyable career is something I am interested in and I have served as a mentor on numerous programs and spoken on a couple of radio shows.

I have interests in software architecture, cloud computing, mobile app development, automation, etc. On the people side of things, I am interested in finding out how to get software development teams to perform at their best while being autonomous.

You’re welcome to my blog and you can read what I write about here.

Bulama Yusuf
Bulama Yusuf on a computer in the 80’s