What-is Series

  • AI Development: A Developer’s Perspective
    AI, ChatGPT, and LLMs have become common sayings and since the release of ChatGPT to the public in November in 2022 there has been an astronomical rise in interest in AI. Many may see this as an overnight success but AI, or at least its development, has been around since the 1950s.
  • The Importance of Software Design
    After being in the software development space for a while you start to notice a relationship between software design quality and software development speed. Software design here doesn’t just mean UI/UX design, it refers to the structure and relationship of software components as well as software development paradigms.
  • Size Matters in Software Development
    “Size was the single most important factor in the resolution of project outcome.” — CHAOS Report 2015, Standish Group. The larger a software project is, the higher the chances it’ll fail. Let’s define what makes a software project large. Any project with more than 1M source lines of code (SLOC) is considered a large project. 100k … Read more
  • Attention, Distractions, and Context Switching
    “Anything you focus on will flourish” The information age has brought a lot of pressure on people’s attention. You are not immune to it and your software development team definitely isn’t either. The nature of software development requires long uninterrupted blocks of time to focus on problem solving. The longer you focus on a problem … Read more
  • The Importance Of Communication For Software Development Teams
    The word communication gets thrown around a lot in the software development space but what does it really mean? Why is it even important to start with?