What-is Series

  • The Importance of Software Design
    After being in the software development space for a while you start to notice a relationship between software design quality and software development speed. Software design here doesn’t just mean UI/UX design, it refers to the structure and relationship of software components as well as software development paradigms.
  • Get Strategic With Your Software Development Career
    I gave the welcome address at the Google I/O Extended Abuja 22 event on the 2nd of July, 2022.
  • Technical Debt Explained
    To understand technical debt, we first have to remind ourselves of the principles of financial debt. Financial debt lets you have the benefit now at the cost of making regular interest payments later.
  • What is Cloud Computing?
    I get asked a lot about cloud computing and a lot of the questions are “what is cloud computing?”. So here is my answer to that question, which I have tried to make as simple as possible.
  • Shared Understanding: 5 Ways Software Teams Can Improve it
    As an individual developer working on a project, you have a very clear vision and understanding the work. The moment another developer joins, everything changes. You suddenly need to start working on shared understanding. The new developer needs to understands as much as you do and get the whole picture.