Introduction to SSH

The Linux servers that run in the cloud predominantly lack a user interface and this that your primary means of interacting with these cloud servers is going to be via the terminal.

ssh stands for Secure Shell and it is a powerful program that lets you log into remote Linux servers. This lesson will introduce you to ssh and how to use it to access a remote Linux server. In addition, and because security is important, there’ll be a section that will show you how access remote servers using certificates by-passing the use of usernames and passwords.

Obviously to access a remote server you need to have a remote server setup with ssh enabled.

Accessing a Remote Linux Server Via SSH

To access remote server using ssh all you need is the remote username and the IP address of the remote server. For example ssh bulama@ will log the bulama into the remote server at

Using Keys With SSH

It is more secure to

Generating SSH Keys

Using SSH Keys