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Fractional CTO Expertise You Can Rely On For Achieving Your Tech Goals

Experience the Benefits of Top-tier Technology Leadership Without the Full-time Commitment. A Fractional CTO Service That Drives Innovation and Growth.

Are You In Need Of Fractional CTO Services?

I'm Bulama, an 18-year tech veteran with extensive software engineering expertise, a proven track record in successful project delivery, and a deep understanding of business.

As an experienced technology leader, I understand the unique fast-paced challenges that businesses face when it comes to harnessing the power of technology.

Whether you're a startup aiming to scale or an established company seeking tech innovation, let's explore how my fractional CTO services can empower your journey to success.

Why Fractional CTO?

The tech expertise you need when you need it.

Cost-Effective Expertise, On-Demand

In today's dynamic business environment, staying competitive means having access to top-tier technology leadership without the hefty price tag.

Navigating the Tech Maze

Tech decisions can be daunting, especially for businesses without in-house tech leadership. A fractional CTO acts as your guiding light, helping you make informed choices, manage tech teams, and set strategic directions.

Resolution of Common Pain Points

From communication breakdowns to unclear tech roadmaps, address the common pain points that hinder businesses from realising their full tech potential.

Services Offered

Empowering Your Tech Journey

Technical Leadership

Technical decisions can make or break a project. I bring technical leadership to the forefront, ensuring that your projects are built on a solid foundation of best practices and cutting-edge technology. I oversee the technical aspects of your projects, from architecture to implementation, to deliver excellence.

Technology Strategy

Crafting a clear and dynamic technology strategy is essential for staying ahead in today's digital landscape. I’ll work closely with you to develop a robust tech roadmap aligned with your business objectives. All while ensuring your technology investments are strategic, efficient, and future-proof.

Team Management

Efficiently managing technology teams can be challenging. I’ll provide guidance and mentorship to your tech teams, optimising their performance and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. To help you build strong, cohesive tech teams that drive results.

Technology and Vendor Assessment

Selecting the right vendors and technologies is critical. I provide expert guidance in evaluating and selecting vendors and technologies that align with your business goals, ensuring that your investments deliver value.

Technical Software Architecture Design

Crafting robust software architectures that marry your business objectives with cutting-edge technology. Prioritise scalability, security, and efficiency, selecting optimal tech stacks and implementing rigorous security measures. Designs are future-proof, evolving seamlessly with your business. Clear documentation ensures easy maintenance.

Great Reviews

100% Satisfied Customers

Emily - TB STARR

How It Works

Seamless Collaboration. Exceptional Results.

Initial Consultation


Project Assessment

Onboarding & Kick-off

Active Collaboration

Project Delivery

Pricing and Packages

Pick What Works For You



  • 2-week timebox limit

  • Technology and Vendor Assessment

  • Tech Advice & Consultation

  • Client/Investor Meetings



  • 4-week timebox limit

  • Everything in Light Plan

  • Technology Strategy

  • Technical Software Architecture Design



  • 12-week timebox limit

  • Everything in Standard Plan

  • Team Management

  • Technical Leadership

Recent Engagements

Problem Solving Skills You Can Rely On

Project: BAM

Description: App for SMEs to notify staff of customer payments gotten on a central device via SMS.

- Architected the backend for very high throughput using a microservices and messaging which cut owner to staff communication from an average of 12 seconds to 1 second.

Project Type: Technical Software Architecture Design.

Technologies: MySQL, SpringBoot, RabbitMQ, Docker, Java,Android, Flutter,RESTful APIs.

Project: TB STARR

Description: A platform for nationwide  Tuberculosis screening, testing, analysis, and reporting.

- Made communication fluid across technical & non-technical teams by conducting 3 stakeholder workshops in order to document needs and map them to technology.
- Modernised the architecture into microservices on AWS which improved performance by 45%.
 - Lead a 6-person cross-functional team.

Project Type: Technical Leadership, Technology Strategy, Team Leadership, Technical Software Architecture Design.

Technologies: Agile, Project Mgt., AWS, Microservices, Docker, Android, iOS, NodeJS, MongoDB, JavaEE, Linux.

Project: Zakatify

Description: An innovative charitable-donations app with users in 39 countries.

- Led the development of Zakatify with more than £51,000 in charitable donations by influencing business decisions and coordinating communication between Zakatify’s leadership & it’s key technical partners (PayPal & PayPal Giving Fund).

Project Type: Technical Leadership, Technology Strategy, Team Leadership, Technical Software Architecture Design.

Technologies: Agile Product Management, Communication, GCP, API, Docker, MySQL, Payments, Data Modelling.


Your Questions, Answered

Q: What is a Fractional CTO, and why do I need one?

A: A Fractional CTO is an experienced technology leader who provides part-time or project-based Chief Technology Officer services. They bring strategic tech leadership to your organisation without the commitment of a full-time hire. You need one to navigate complex tech decisions, drive innovation, and ensure your technology aligns with your business goals.

Q: How do I know if I need a Fractional CTO?

A: If you face tech-related challenges, such as scaling your tech infrastructure, managing tech teams, or making strategic tech decisions, a Fractional CTO can be a valuable resource. They're also beneficial if you lack in-house tech leadership.

Q: How do you customise your services to my business?

A: I conduct an initial consultation and project assessment to understand your unique needs and objectives. Based on our assessment, we tailor our services to align with your goals, ensuring a customised approach.

Q: What industries do you serve?

A: I serve a wide range of industries, including but not limited to finance, technology, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. My expertise is adaptable to various sectors.

Q: Is my data and information secure with your Fractional CTO services?

A: Absolutely. I take data security and confidentiality seriously. I adhere to industry best practices and standards to safeguard your information.

Q: What's the process for getting started with your Fractional CTO services?

A: It begins with a free initial consultation, followed by a project assessment. After which we proceed with onboarding and project kickoff.

All Fractional CTO services will be rendered through Intellectual Apps UK Ltd.

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