Software Developers, RAM, and Maintainable Code

The software developer’s brain works just like a computer, it has a RAM! When working on a product, the software developer has the product clearly in her RAM ranging from the tasks she has to do, the tasks other team members have to do to the general direction of the product.

Another thing that the developer has clearly in her mind is the structure of the code she is working on and all the little nifty bits and corners of the codebase. Something else which is true about the work a developer does is that things in the software development space change often, and in addition to that, this same developer may be involved with different teams and working on different products. She needs to always be in the “flow”.

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Books I Read in 2016

Every year is full of ups and downs and my 2016 was full of extremes. From traveling to places I had never been to before to picking up some habits I wish I had developed earlier. One of such habits is reading books and that is exactly what this post is about. Before now I hardly read books and even when I do it’s mainly for some technical reference or something similar. I read more books this year than any other year.

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